The Association of Adult Education Institutions in the Czech Republic with a tradition dating back to 1990 is the largest professional association of its kind, and aims to:

  • promote the interests and needs of adult education institutions,
  • concentrate professional capacities for solutions and development in this area,
  • cooperate with the State authorities and other entities in preparation and implementation of legislative and other measures of adult education,
  • organize events for professionals and the general public,
  • represent members and their activities with domestic and international associations.
We are a member of the Union of Employers' Associations of the Czech Republic and international net of experts ReferNet. The association is represented in the National Council for Qualifications, the National Advisory Forum, the Expert Group of the Ministry of Education, the Accreditation Board for Retraining Programs of the Ministry of Education, and a number of other boards and committees.
We organize training courses like Certified Trainer for Education of Adults, Certified Manager for Education of Adults etc. Since 1995 we have continuously organized Weeks of Adult Education,international study tours, conferences, seminars or workshops.
The Association offers to its members plenty of benefits:
  • Many years of professional background of the largest professional association in adult education.
  • Representing and promoting the interests of members  in state and regional bodies.
  • The possibility to exchange experiences, establish partnerships.
  • Membership in the Association as a form of promotion of a quality educational institution.

 The Association also offers:

  • Information on current events in the field for free.
  • Professional journal  for development and education of the adults “Andragogika v praxi” for free.
  • Professional publications issued by the Association for free or for a reduced price.
  • Participation in conferences, seminars and roundtables  organized by the Association for free.
  • Participation in other events organized by the Association for free or for a reduced price.
  • Promotion of the courses on the members at the Association website for free.
  • Promotion of other events at the Association website and in the “Andromedia.cz” database for free.
  • Premises rental for a reduced price in the center of Prague.
  • Discounts on services of other contractors cooperating with the Association.